We establish innovation in your company.
We generate results.


We install and operate innovation in large companies as a process that allows us to systematically generate new processes, products, services, experiences and business models by managing the increase of in Innovation Intensity (i3).

Innovation Accelerator

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We support you in aligning innovation strategy with your company’s growth strategy by systematically measuring the contribution of the innovation area​​ to the results of the company and prioritizing the business challenges which have the greatest impact to focus the innovation efforts.

  • Definition of innovation area roles and goals.
  • Identification of strategic innovation challenges.
  • Measurement of the percentage of the company’s result (EBITDA) that comes from innovation solutions.

We develop and implement innovation initiatives with a high impact on results, starting from the deep understanding of the problem and opportunity that is sought to be solved, to the understanding of the needs of customers and users and the implementation and scaling of a solution in the market.

  • Identification of non-explicit and latent needs of your clients.
  • Co-creation of creative and innovative solutions.
  • Design of new business models.
  • Articulation of solutions and implementation of functional prototypes.
  • Planning of a fast and sustainable growth strategy over time.

We are seeking applied knowledge and alternative solutions outside the borders of your company through open innovation programs with startups, open innovation centers with suppliers and through co-creation projects with world-class R&D centers.

  • Open innovation with suppliers (CIP).
  • Open innovation with startups from diverse industries.
  • Open innovation with Research and Development Centers.

We design and implement an innovation management system with governance, processes, methodologies and the necessary discipline for the progressive and systematic increase of your company’s Innovation Intensity (i3).

  • Design and operation of the innovation process and portfolio.
  • Definition and structuring of the organization and resources necessary to enable Innovation.
  • Measurement and monitoring of Innovation Intensity progress.

We support the cultural transformation of your organization towards a pro-innovation culture, which will facilitate the development of new solutions and new business realities.

  • Dissemination and communication of milestones in the innovation process.
  • Evangelization through conferences.
  • Development of executive training programs on Innovation.
  • We support organizations’ leaderships to drive change.


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