Engie Group prepares the future of energy with world’s only accelerator of this type



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A new type of innovation accelerator arises

In 2014, Engie (ex GDF Suez) set up the challenge of preparing themselves for the evolution of the energy industry. New entrants and technologies started to modify the rules of the game and this area was no exception. Resolving future challenges for the intelligent generation and use of energy in Latin America by incorporating emerging technologies and world class talent from Chile was an extremely attractivity possibility. However, the old paradigms and the rigid processes and organizational structures put challenges in the way. It was time to turn to innovation in an industry that was traditionally static. INNSPIRAL was the only company bold enough to approach this challenge, given its experience in innovation management and open innovation.

Preparing the future

To “prepare the future,” as Engie proposed, it was necessary to turn to brilliant entrepreneurs, disruptive technologies and break the traditional cycle. Along with INNSPIRAL, the path to follow was shown: the creation of an open innovation platform through which the ENGIE Group would develop new solutions intense in technology. Its name: Engie Factory. There were 4 months of preparation, a period in which the INNSPIRAL team set up offices at the Engie Factory to prepare what was coming and accompany the design of the operation of the new accelerator, based on the experience of more than 20 years leading business innovation management in Chile. Four guiding principles were established for the innovation projects to be fostered: energy decentralization, decarbonization, digitalization and D-Waste (energy efficiency and waste management) Likewise, two business lines were established to build project portfolios: investment in startups that were already in operation and the development of internal projects from the idea stage until becoming companies with traction. This is how Engie Factory opened its doors to entrepreneurs in May 2016. At that time, the then Minister of Energy Máximo Pacheco expressed his satisfaction for having relied on Engie Factory with the challenge of bringing energy closer to the people with solutions that were concrete and of measurable impact.

Companies in operation in 7 months and replicable results

Two years since the beginning of the work with Engie Factory , the accelerator and incubator of innovation of sustainable energy projects was operating at full. More than 80 professionals of different specialities work in the startups as well as in the support teams. Several companies have been formed thanks to Grupo Engie accelerator, with 8 of them producing profit. Given the optimal results, Engie Factory has already replicated its business model in México.