We have collaborated with more than 50 companies in innovation establishment and operation.


By working together in a collaborative manner we have managed great progress in incorporating innovation in their companies.




Several companies have trusted in us so far for the development of innovation projects. By working together we have achieved great progress in incorporating innovation in their companies.

In 2014, Engie (ex GDF Suez) set up the challenge of preparing themselves for the evolution of the energy industry. New […]

In the year 2013 the leading company in integral rock fragmentation services in Latin America observed a highly […]

In 2012, the Chilean home improvement company set the objective of innovating, in line with the strategic goal of differentiating […]

Transelec transmits the electric energy which illuminates Chile at full, with more than 10 thousand kilometers of single […]

The food industry is one of the most dynamic in the world. In Chile alone, thousands of products are marketed annually, and more […]

Hogar de Cristo is an organization that has been fostering most excluded people of society for the last 70 years, gaining […]

E-CL (today Engie) is the main electrical power generator of the North of Chile and the fourth at a national level by installed […]

BBVA saw the need for innovation, however it was not clear what was the best path to achieve this. Working along with INNSPIRAL […]

Bradesco historically had been “the first bank of Brazil”. However, the company had been knocked to second place by another […]

Agrosuper is a company that has been industry leader for many years and has been recognized as an innovator. They are not […]

Since 1948 Indura has been the Chilean leader in production of welding and gases for the application of industrial […]