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Starting the process

Hogar de Cristo is an organization that has been fostering most excluded people of society for the last 70 years, gaining great recognition in Chile and Latin America with its 500 social programs in 13 pillars, which range from helping children in situations of extreme vulnerability to assisting the elderly. One of the challenges for this foundation was promoting their cause to young people and thus  staying relevant to this important group of society. In order to do this Hogar, de Cristo relied on an idea: crowdfunding. However, this initiative needed development, to build a prototype and verify if it actually was going to move the public and cause them to take action. This was the beginning of the collaboration of INNSPIRAL with Hogar de Cristo.

Understanding millennials

For this solution millennials were predetermined as a target group, an influential demographic segment that is key for the foundation. The INNSPIRAL team detected the opportunities in different subsegments of this same group with the objective of understanding their needs and habits in regards to solidarity. This was carried out by utilizing observation tools, field interviews and an analysis of interests through joint analysis exercises. At the same time, starting the second week of collaboration a prototype was built for the preliminary design of the solution. This was done by creating a real cause and spreading it in social networks at zero cost. As a result, valuable data and learnings were obtained to produce a second version of the solution, which was prototyped with a crowdfunding virtual platform. This allowed users to navigate, choose a cause and contribute to it. This platform was developed in just two weeks and was completely functional.


After one month of iteration of the platform, a dozen conclusions were generated. These allowed the current collective funding model in use at Hogar de Cristo to be developed in collaboration with a university. The result was the direct funding of 26 specific causes from the different pillars, which collected $6 million in donations. The platform proved that it is possible to connect organization with millennials and it allowed four possible new solutions to be identified which come from this same tool and will be announced soon.