Enaex increases EBITDA coming from solutions that have been in the market for less than 5 years.




Innovation Strategy
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The seed of innovation in explosives

In the year 2013 the leading company in integral rock fragmentation services in Latin America observed a highly competitive scenario in an industry which was highly commoditized and with strong worldwide players. Facing this reality, Enaex embarked upon the challenge of turning to innovation in order to stand out by obtaining tangible, high impact results in a systematic manner. This, in turn would support the efforts of the explosives company in its future internationalization. The mission of Enaex was clear and and at the same time complex: increase the productivity of mining in Chile and the world through new blasting solutions. The seed of innovation was present. It was now time to take advantage of it.

Confronting the challenge

To confront this challenge, Enaex selected INNSPIRAL as a strategic ally to establish innovation in the company as a systematic practice focused on measurable results. The INNSPIRAL team working along with executives of Enaex started by defining a clear strategy and identifying and accelerating the projects with greater potential. The focus of the collaboration was aimed at the establishment and operation of the innovation management system of INNSPIRAL (SGII). This would enable the exploration and continuous implementation of innovation opportunities, a process in which the potentiality of new explosive products used for different types of blasting (functional explosives) was discovered. INNSPIRAL and Enaex also worked on the optimization of processes in the company’s different productive plants in Chile. All of this was done with the objective of delivering differentiated and complex solutions for different types of challenges at the mineral sites, with a focus on the client. The progress would be measured in every step of the project with the Innovation Intensity Index, which would guarantee progress.

Innovation proves its value

At the start of the process with Enaex, the Innovation Intensity value was 2.4%. After just 2 years of starting the process, the company managed to elevate the number to 13.9%, largely exceeding expectations. This was mainly thanks to the introduction of high added value solutions. According to Enaex CEO, Juan Andrés Erráruiz, “We were able to have equal or better margins and our clients have had a less total cost thanks to innovation”. Furthermore, the collaboration with INNSPIRAL was the kickstart for replicating the company’s innovation model in the other subsidiaries of the company around the world, starting with Argentina and Brazil in 2016. As innovation has proven to be a good investment, with results on the rise that are measured monthly and reported to the Innovation Committee and the Board of Directors of  the mother company Sigdo Koppers, Enaex has raised the bar by taking on projects which present a greater technological challenge. An example of this is the project INNSPIRAL managed while connecting Enaex with Stanford Research Institute (SRI) for the exploration of robotic solutions for the mining of the future.